Wrecking Crew (GDA)

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Wrecking Crew is the tool of choice to hammer out carbs. Gainbusters built this GDA from the ground up to optimize nutrients for shaping the best body possible... straight up.

As a GDA (glucose disposal agent) category of supplementation, Wrecking Crew is constructed to control blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and enhance nutrient partitioning - these factors potentiate improvement in body composition, health markers, and muscle growth. 

Several popular ingredients in common GDA products have little or mixed supporting data with varying levels of tolerance amongst individuals (i.e. gastro distress). Gainbusters sought to create a simplified formula that could be comfortably utilized by all athletes. This streamlined approach affords effective, scalable dosing to the amount of carbohydrates taken in a given meal - one capsule per 40 gram increment. 

Wrecking Crew contains one-hundred twenty (120) servings. Each serving is comprised of a [red/white] colored capsule containing the following DSHEA-compliant ingredient(s) and amount(s): See panel.


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