Biceps King (EPI)

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The Sultan of Swole. The Prince of Peak. 300mg of Epiandrosterone per cap? Biceps King is fleek. Gainbusters spiced up this muscle monster even more by shoving a 10mg suppository of high-yield (95% Piperine) Black Pepper Fruit Extract into every capsule. Hail to the King! It is suggested to consume Biceps King with a meal that contains healthy fatty acids to further increase uptake. 

While completely LEGAL and DSHEA/DASCA-COMPLIANT, it is not advised for competitive athletes in tested organizations to take Bomb Squad as this may violate said organizations' private policies.

Biceps King contains ninety (90) servings. Each serving is comprised of a [red] colored capsule containing the following DSHEA/DASCA-compliant ingredient(s) and amount(s): See panel.


Attention California Residents