Juice Daddy (PRE)

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Feeling tired? Get wired! Juice Daddy delivers a dropkick of energy straight to the face. Strapping more stimulants than a Hollywood rave, you’ll be fiending for this peach of a preworkout. 

Gainbusters teamed up with Bostin Loyd for the most mind-numbing stimulant cocktail that we could legally assemble - absolutely talk to your doctor. Hate that feeling of being in a "coked out" stasis? Then look elsewhere. Otherwise slam on some Juice Daddy!

Available Flavors:
- Peach Mango

- Berry Punch

PLEASE NOTE: While the serving size for Juice Daddy is 4.5g, the scooper included in the bottle typically makes 3g servings. For a more accurate serving size, use 1.5 scoops or 1 large heaping scoop. For best results, use a digital scale

Do not use in combination with other stimulants (i.e. caffeine, etc.). Those sensitive to stimulants, or who have heart conditions, must avoid use of this product. 


It is the position of Gainbusters LLC, and affiliates, that purchasers of this product have made the decision to do so knowing and understanding its contents. This includes potential implications pertaining to its use. Athletes who compete in tested organizations should confer with said organization to determine the product's eligibility for use.


California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov